A small, friendly and fully licensed boarding kennels conveniently located just off the A1 between St Neots and the Black Cat Roundabout.

Sunrise Boarding Kennels offer a personal service due to its small size and dedicated team, all of whom  offer plenty of love and care and do their best to make sure your dog returns home happy and healthy.

Since opening in 2013 the kennel has grown into a very successful business, on the site of a former smallholding in the village of Chawston it is an ideal location for a boarding kennels, with a home on site for 24/7 security and acres of space for exercising the guests.



there are two kennel blocks contains 10 kennels. Two kennels in each block are extra large units to offer accommodation to giant breeds, pairs of larger dogs or groups of three or four dogs from the same family. All kennels have an individual covered outer run with pleasant rural views for your four-legged friends.


All sleeping areas are insulated and contain a wall-mounted panel heater for the colder months, whilst being cool and shady in the height of summer. Your dog will be provided with a raised sleeping bench onto which is placed sanitary and durable vet bedding, which can be used to line a plastic basket for smaller dogs. Bring a few sturdy and non-porous toys to keep you dog happy with something familiar.

Daily Care / Exercise

 Each dog is walked first thing in the morning, again late morning/early afternoon, and then again in the afternoon. With meals after the first walk and an evening meal. An extra 30 minute river walk can be booked at an additional cost, and this will usually take place either in the early afternoon or in the evening, depending on weather, season and staff availability. At 9pm, the dogs are checked and put to bed ready to rest.

Obviously if you wish to deviate from the walk and feed times they are happy to adjust according to your pets requirements. You can supply your food or the kennel will supply their own dry food. They are also able to administer any medication that your dog requires, including injections for diabetic dogs. Please remember to bring spare food and medication in case you are delayed in collecting your dog.


At Sunrise Boarding Kennels, you’ll find no concrete or artificial turf exercise areas, no dogs left unattended in fenced paddocks, and no packs of dogs all walked together. Instead, your dog will have three walks one-to-one with a member of our caring team every day, within our green, grassy, natural grounds. If you own two or more dogs they can be walked  together, with two members of staff if required.

By keeping our grounds natural, with grass, shrubs, trees and a nature pond, there are plenty of interesting sights and smells to stimulate your dog,  a very exciting experience for your dog!

By  walking the dogs on a one to one basis the dogs form a stronger bond with the staff, who can then  ensure their safety as well as keeping an eye on their health and wellbeing. Quickly picking up on any subtle changes in behaviour, movement and any signs of illness, as this close contact is part of the daily routine.
By keeping dogs from different households apart at exercise time, doggy disagreements are avoided and nervous dog owners are reassurred.