Quince Memorials Ltd

We are a family owned and run business and have been supplying handcrafted memorials throughout Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire for the last 40 years. We have a large selection of memorials in stock but we can also design and make memorials to your specification (subject to regulations). As stonemasons we are able to carry out all work on stone including house signs, pet memorial or other bespoke stonework that you require. We can also undertake all memorial work including renovations and additional inscriptions.


  • Lawn Memorials
  • Kerbed Memorials
  • Traditional Churchyard Memorials
  • Cremation Memorials
  • Vases
  • Childrens Memorials
  • Additional Headstones in a range of styles (please visit our website)

All of our traditional memorials are available in a wide range of different colour granites. The most popular sizes we supply and generally keep in stock are 2’6′ headstones on a 3′ base and 2’3′ headstone on a 3′ base. However all the headstones can be supplied in made in any size you wish.


Engraved & Sandblasted – Most designs today are etched onto the memorial by sandblasting. They can then be left natural, which works well on darker memorials, or painted either in colour enamel paints, or silvered or gilded.

Photoblasted Designs – A relatively new technique, where instead of the design being deeply etched into the memorial, it is only lightly etched onto the surface. This way of blasting works best with designs that are very detailed and works best of black granite.

Handcarved Designs – On the softer traditional materials such as yorkstone, slate or nabresina, the design can be hand carved to give a more traditional appearance.

Tombletts Photos – We are suppliers of tombletts. These are small plaques that come in various shapes and sizes of black granite. The photo is etched onto the black granite and highlighted in white. It provides a very good representation of the original photo. The tomblett can be fixed to a headstone or tablet or can sit on the headstone base.

Ceramic Photos & Italian Ornaments – We are suppliers of ceramic photos which can be made in many shapes and sizes. The photograph supplied is sent or emailed to Italy where a photo ceramic is made from it. We are also suppliers of many Italian memorial products, such as bronze roses and crosses. We can also supply marble and kosmolux figurines, please enquire

Lettering – We can provide a range of lettering services for headstones and memorial items, including computer generated and sandblasted, machine cut & lead lettered, and traditionally hand carved.

Combining our many years of experience of working with memorials along with our extensive knowledge of local burial authorities. We are able to give you advice and work sympathetically with you in the process of choosing a lasting memorial for your loved one. Please check out our website and social media pages to see some examples of work or please feel free to call.