Accurate Flat Roofing Ltd

We at Accurate Flat Roofing Ltd are a well established Roofing company covering all roofing across Bedford, St Albans and Hertfordshire. We always take pride in our work which means that you are assured of a high quality roofing service. Whether it is for installations or repairs of flat roofs, we have the expertise and experience to complete a first class job. Our roofers are always polite and friendly and make sure that the site they’re working on is kept neat and tidy, making it safe for all concerned.

Flat roofing is a great option for a number of buildings. Materials we use have guarantees of 20 and 25 years so you know that they will stand the British weather. They are installed correctly by experts offering flat roofing that is functional and looks great on school buildings, offices, industrial buildings, village halls, houses, extensions, garages and more.

We use robust SBS modified bitumen membranes of the highest quality with a life expectancy of 40 years and come with a 20 plus year manufacturer backed insurance guarantee. We are approved by a number of felt manufacturers.

Restrix EPDM roofing lasts and is environmentally sound
It is a single-ply waterproofing membrane with an EPDM surface layer. The material guarantees ultimate efficiency and will be applied in a fast and effective manner by our roofers.

GRP fiberglass roofing is made to last, they really do stand the test of time. A well-laid fiberglass roof doesn’t deteriorate with time you are assured of a job well done and a roof that lasts.

We are specialists in the construction of tiled roofs. Our experienced roofers are trained to re-roof with roof tiles or to carry out repairs on leaks, Fascias and soffits.

Go Green:-
The benefits to greening up your flat roof are endless, especially if you’re looking to make your flat roof look more attractive. Green roofs provide several psychological and physiological health benefits and well as promoting environmental sustainability. The most commonly known benefits of green roofs include sheer aesthetic pleasure, water absorption and storm water management, as well as providing climate cooling, sound/energy reduction and habitat creation for local wildlife.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any of our services – we would love to hear from you! Alternatively you can visit our social media page to hear about our latest projects, news and deals.